In 2008, I designed my very first house in Nanggulan, Salatiga. Drawing inspiration from the tropical and inviting Balinese style, it was a 400 sqm house and the most prominent home I ever designed. The house had a welcoming look, with wooden double doors and detailed terrazzo flooring patterns in the foyer. I made sure there were plenty of windows to let in the warm sunshine and allow the cool tropical breeze to flow through, making the house feel airy and comfortable.

Inside, the living room and the dining room have no partitions, making it a cozy huge space, perfect for gathering with friends. The kitchen was modern and convenient, and there was even a particular room to work or be creative. Upstairs, the bedrooms were unique and comfy, each with its style. Another living room was added for an intimate gathering session with the family.

This house was more than just a design; it was a blend of style and practicality inspired by the beauty of Bali and the project I am most proud of.