There’s this coffee shop that I once regularly used to come to. The owner is a good friend, and I’ve been addicted to coffee ever since. I’ve experienced the growth of this coffee shop since the first time it opened. The ambiance of this coffee shop is so warm and welcoming that you can come by yourself and have a coffee while making new friends.
Because of that, after more than five years of visiting and hanging out while making new friends in that coffee shop, I decided to redesign the coffee shop for free.

The design concept gives visitors more space while keeping a cozy and intimate ambiance. I move the counter to the front of the shop so they can prepare quickly for anyone who wants a takeaway. A folding mini table, which also serves as window shutters, was added to the side and front of the shop, along with some high stools. The opening also functions as a medium for vines to cover the other side of the shop.

This coffee shop brings many memories in the past couple of years. They are still surviving amidst the proliferation of other coffee shops in Salatiga. I sure hope it will grow bigger as time passes by.